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PescadoGamesBOT It's a bot with the concept of "freedom"

Introducing PescadoGamesBOT

Please agree to the terms before introduction If you do not agree, please do not introduction

1: Before introducing, you agree to the terms of use of Discord and the terms of use of PescadoGamesBOT (hereinafter, these terms) (If you do not agree, please do not introduce)
2: Use PescadoGamesBOT for crimes or acts close to crime Please do not
3: Do not do anything that causes inconvenience such as DDos or stop the service
4: Do not steal the TOKEN or code of this BOT
5: To BOT Please do not allow heavy processing (it is annoying to others)

These terms of use shall be enforced from August 18, 2021

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A versatile BOT that also serves as a global chat

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